Anytime we go somewhere different we have many questions we would like to ask, but may not think of when we are with those who can help. At Maryhill we want you to feel comfortable asking any team member, but here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive to help you get started.

What are the Visiting Hours?
Visiting hours are just as they were at home. We encourage guests to spend time at times convenient for them, as able. The entry doors are locked for safety, however, there is a doorbell your guest may use and a staff member will screen them prior to entry. If you have a guest that plans to visit later in the evening,  it would be helpful for them to call the nurses to let them know they will be coming so we can watch for them, or to check with our patient to make sure they are prepared for a late evening guest. Our phone number is 715-251-3172.

What clothing or personal care items should I bring?
You will want easy care washable clothing, under clothing, socks, well fitting shoes, sweaters or other items you normally would wear at home. Clothing will be marked with your name using FABRIC TAPE so we can return it to you promptly after laundering. Personal laundry is returned after washing within 24-48 hours.
We suggest that you bring the following items to start:

  • 5 pair slacks, shirts/blouses 5 pair socks
  • 8 pair underwear 3-4 bras
  • 3 sets of pajamas or nightgowns 2-3 sweaters
  • Comfortable well fitting shoes and non-skid slippers with enclosed heel for walking and Physical Therapy, if needed

Additional clothing will also be marked so please leave the labeled bag with our team with the name prominently placed on the bag containing the item to be marked.

Some families choose to do laundry for their loved one. If you are doing their laundry, please bring a small covered hamper for soiled clothing storage.

Men should bring an ELECTRIC razor for their personal use clearly marked with their name, and your comb, brush, toothpaste, and other personal items of choice are welcome.

Should I bring my medications from home? How do I get my medications?
Medications from home cannot be used. Most persons come to us from the hospital, where medication changes and adjustments frequently occur. We contract with a pharmacy to prepare and deliver medication for our residents, however, if your pharmacy can dispense your medications using the same method of packaging, and will deliver them to the facility you are welcome to use them as your provider while here. Our pharmacy provider contracts with many of the PDP programs under Medicare Part D, and your choice for coverage will be discussed upon your admission.

When persons are first admitted, our Licensed Nurses will give you the medications ordered by your physician. As your recovery progresses, you may begin to take your medications yourself, with the assistance of our Licensed staff. Before you are discharged home our Licensed Nurses will teach you about the medications you are taking, and how you should take them at home.

Will my Doctor still take care of me? How do I get to appointments?
There are certain physicians licensed in the State of Wisconsin who visit residents at the building on a scheduled basis. You make your decision about who your physician will be, and may need to go out to their office for your visits. Specialists generally schedule their patients to see them in their offices. Some persons choose to have one of the physicians who come to Maryhill see them while they are here. Nurses at Maryhill make appointments for physicians, dentists, podiatrists, or other health care professionals. If your family wishes to be there, or are providing transportation, we ask that they let the nurses know of the most convenient time for them and we will suggest that to the office. We cannot guarantee appointment times.

Transportation for Medicare and Private Pay residents is at your expense. Many times family members will transport their loved one to their physician appointments. Arrangements can be made to use Maryhill’s wheelchair accessible van for transportation to appointments. Please visit our Business Office for costs. This is not a covered cost and will be billed. For residents whose payer source is Medical Assistance the resident will not be billed separately for transport services.

How do I call my family or receive phone calls from friends?
You can always have a cell phone in your room but we also have a telephone available for you and your family in the front living room on which you can make local calls. If you wish to make a long distance phone call from this phone you will need a calling card. If you are too sick to get to the phone and your family calls here we will bring a cordless phone to you so you can chat.

You may choose to have a private telephone installed in your room for your convenience. This is not a covered expense, and you will need to contact the Niagara Telephone Company to make arrangements for this service. You will be billed privately.

We make every effort to assist residents to receive telephone calls and will assist them to the phone when an incoming call is received for them.

Is there a computer I can use to go onto the Internet or send and receive my E Mail?
We have a computer for you to use to stay in contact with your family
and friends or have access to the Internet on in the Activities Room. Wireless service is also available in our activity area so if you prefer to use your own computer which is wireless capable please let us know.

If you have your own computer, and space permits in your room, you may wish to bring your own computer for your private use. Internet access is not a covered charge, and you will need to set this service up on your own. You will be billed by your Internet provider privately.

Can I Decorate my room?
We encourage your to bring in small personal items to make y our room more comfortable, even if only staying for a short time. You may wish to bring pictures, a small radio, 20″ or less TV, or a small chair from home. Books, magazines, stationery, and other personal interest items may also be desired. For Safety Reasons, no extension cords are permitted in any resident room, and candles are not allowed. CABLE TV is available in each room.

Can I Smoke Cigarettes or Cigars in the building?
Residents and visitors are not permitted to smoke in the building. Maryhill is a smoke free environment.

Outside the front door is a small designated smoking area for residents and their guests. Residents who require supervision to smoke will be monitored by a family member or designated staff member as available and at a scheduled time.

How Do I Get to My Appointments?
While many of Maryhill’s families assist their loved ones to physician appointments, medical transportation arrangements can be made with Maryhill’s van. Please inquire about our medical transportation. Activities also utilizes our van for pre-arranged outings and trips.

Driving Directions

From Iron Mountain, Kingsford, Norway or DCHS:

Turn south at the stop light on US 2 onto US 141 south.
Cross the bridge into Niagara, go up the hill, and turn left onto
Madison Avenue at the southern corner of the 1st National Bank of Niagara.
Maryhill is at the end of Madison Avenue.

From Pembine, Beecher, and south of Niagara:

Take US 141 north to Niagara.
Follow around the curves and up the hill to Madison Avenue, at the southern corner of the 1st National Bank of Niagara.
Turn right onto Madison Avenue.
Maryhill is at the end of Madison Avenue.

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